Advertise with Turf Diseases

Why Advertise with Turf Diseases?

Founded in 2009, Turf Diseases is a top source of information for golf course superintendents, lawn care operators, sports field managers and others in the turfgrass industry. With approximately 10,000 monthly pageviews from visitors in over 130 countries, Turf Diseases is a trusted source of turf disease information. Turf Diseases also extends to other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and is among the most “Liked” and “Followed” of any in the turfgrass industry. These are just a few of the reasons why your company should Advertise on Turf Diseases.

Site Advertising Opportunities

Turf Diseases offers a variety of advertising zones that may be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. Since our goal is to support student research, our advertising rates are VERY reasonable. Contact Turf Diseases for more information on costs and availability.

Sponsorships and Contests

In addition to monthly advertising banner ads, opportunities are available for sponsors to support special contests and giveaways giving them even more interactive exposure and advertising.

Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Beyond the standard banner ads and contests, Turf Diseases recognizes that there is sometimes a need for more than just your typical advertising. Turf Diseases is open to a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities such as a tweetup event or online seminar? For more information, please contact us directly with your ideas.

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